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Our Repair Process

Find out what happens while having your vehicle repaired.


Bringing in your vehicle

When you bring your vehicle in for repairs our experts will review the repairs needed on the vehicle and examine any pre-existing damage present at the time of drop. You will receive an estimate of how long your vehicle will be in our shop and about how long the repairs will take as well as getting a rental car if needed. Feel free to ask any and all questions you may have through this process and we'll do our best to answer them. We pride ourselves on being a leader in automotive repairs, claim handling, and procedures.


Disassembly/Documenting Process

The disassembly process is where we will do a thorough look through your vehicle, finding any and all damages related to your accident. During this procedure, we will determine any damage that may lengthen or slow down the repair process of your vehicle. From here, our experts will detail and document all damages and needed repairs. Once this process is done, we will order any necessary parts we would need for the repairs to begin.


Body Repairs

First we will repair any body damage that may have been done during your accident. We check and inspect every area of the vehicle and prepare all parts for the repair procedure. We repair and restore all areas of damage by the vehicles factory specifications. Our experts thoroughly check for any flaws or imperfections before sending your vehicle to the next stage of the repair process.



For this stage, our expert detailers and painters will match your vehicles paint color and begin the process of repainting if needed. Our state-of-the-art facility allows us to make sure there are no imperfections in the paint, such as dust, dirt or air pockets. We will inspect and make sure the color and detail of your vehicle are to the highest of standards before moving forward to the final procedures.



Final assembly of the vehicle begins here. We will inspect all aspects of the vehicles repairs to insure the utmost quality of the repair. The vehicle reassembly process must be completed with the utmost concern for fit-and-finish as well as function. All parts that were damaged and removed for repair or replacement must be put back with precise attention-to-detail. This includes fenders, bumpers, wheel well guards, door or door handles, and more. Once the reassembly process is finished, we will inspect the vehicle thoroughly in order to make sure your vehicle is returned to its 100% pre-accident condition.



The final process your vehicle will go through is our courtesy cleaning process. We will clean anything left behind from the repair process and get your car looking new again. Our technicians and inspectors will do the last of inspections on the car for final approval. Once the vehicle has been thoroughly inspected and repaired, your vehicle will be ready for pick up.


Pick Up

Once your car repairs are done to the quality and satisfaction of our expert staff, we will call you to let you know your vehicle is ready to go. Our office will take care of all final procedures and bill your insurance company for all charges related to the accident. We will also inform you of any charges that you may or may not be responsible for so that we can insure there will be no surprise charges now or in the future. Our staff will do one last review on all warranties, guarantees and claims at this time and answer any further questions you may have. We are truly dedicated to our customers happiness and continued business. These procedures are essential for anyone who has experienced an accident and we take the utmost care of your vehicle and make sure these procedures were done correctly and efficiently.